Louise Jones

Over the last 25 years, Louise Jones & her team of designers have travelled the world creating beautiful homes, hotels, estates and interiors.

From her studio in Belgravia, Louise and her team excel at combining colour, texture, pattern, antiquity and origin in an exhilarating manner. This eclectic mix allows for her approach to be anchored in a sense of timelessness.

The team have just completed Ardfin – a shooting estate and eco-luxe hotel on the Isle of Jura, Scotland. The property, referred to as “a modern masterpiece” by the Sunday Times, is a masterclass in sustainable refurbishment. Louise spent 10 years sympathetically transforming the hideaway into a fusion of traditional estate with 21st Century sensibility. Designed to be the complete package for guests seeking to escape, Ardfin is sporting estate meets natural wilderness in ultimate luxury.

As a luxury hotel designer, Louise understands how to sustainably restore and design properties with green credentials. As a designer of private homes, her instinctive and unique accumulation of her creativity, experience and knowledge of artisans, pushes the boundaries of what is possible. The results are spectacular. Entering rooms designed by Louise, the eye dances around the individual pieces in an astonishing and dramatic way.

For the last ten years, Louise has been featured in the top 100 designers of House and Garden and Country Life Magazine.

Louise and her team are currently designing interiors in Eurasia, UK, New York and the Middle East.

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Louise Jones

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